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Indonesian Snack Food Manufacturer – The taste of Puyur crackers from Magelang has in fact got its own place for culinary connoisseurs in the country. Puyur is a light snack of crackers made from cassava with a sweet and spicy flavor variant that is very liked by all people. For those of you who are interested in this one snack business, you can register at a trusted Puyur agent in Magelang.

Agent Puyur
One of the cities that is famous as a producer of quality Puyur crackers is the city of Magelang. The Magelang Puyur agent has many agents and resellers who have spread throughout major cities in Indonesia. This makes Magelang Puyur agents always flood orders from agents and resellers from all over Indonesia.
Magelang Puyur agents always provide the best quality for their agents and resellers. The taste and quality assurance of the best Puyur in its class will make Puyur agents in Indonesia easy to get customers. We also open opportunities for those of you who want to become Puyur agents and resellers to succeed with us.


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Trusted Puyur Manufacturer

We are a trusted Puyur producer who pays great attention to raw materials and the quality of the products we produce. Consumers can buy raw Puyur and various other processed cassava crackers such as puyur crackers or poco-poco and gethuk chips.The various variants of processed cassava that we offer can be your choice to get multiple benefits. The process of selecting the best raw materials from cassava, processing with the right spices and the perfect drying process make our products have the best quality in its class. The drying process is carried out by drying in direct sunlight so that the product will dry naturally and last longer.

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Raw Puyur Price

To get raw Puyur crackers, and various other processed crackers with the best quality, you don’t have to pay a lot of money. Because we provide competitive prices with high quality goods. We serve the purchase of raw Puyur, puyur and getuk chips in large or small parties.
For reservations, please call the telephone number 0856-4323-8011 and for more information. You don’t have to worry because you can buy our various processed cassava products, be it Puyur, puyur and getuk chips in small parties or in large quantities.
We are ready to ship worldwide. If you are interested in being a part of us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


WHATSAPP/HP 0856-4323-8011 / CLICK

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